We were invited to create these VFX shots for the series "Mystery Lab", which is an original Netflix series starring Felipe Castanhari. The series has a television program format with light humor, mysterious tone and science fiction. There are 8 episodes based on mysteries and curiosities present in our world.

These shots appear on two of the episodes: The Great Extinction, The Path to Artificial Superintelligence. We have created environments and elements according to the topics covered.

VFX is the set of techniques used to create scenes or elements of a scene from specific software on a computer. After the scenes are created, these assets are integrated with the filmed content to compose the final video.You probably look at the incredible scenes made with VFX and imagine that they are too expensive. And, in fact, some are. But there are many cases where it's cheaper to make the scene using VFX than to film it.The VFX are usually used to reproduce situations that are similar to reality, but would be impossible or too risky to perform live and film. With VFX, there are no limits to creating scenarios, objects, characters and amazing stories!

O U R   T E A M

General Management - Igor Lucas Ferreira Kaller Martins
Executive Management - Stefane Saraceni Kaller Martins
Relationship Management - Michelle Saraceni Kaller
Project Management - Melina Zanella Salles, Helen Teixeira Sousa de Abreu
Administrative Management - Elzemario Kaller
Art Direction & VFX Supervision - Luciano Cequinel
Compositing - Gustavo Conçalves, Jean Estevão, Luciano Cequinel
Project Assistance - Afonso Carvalho


H I G H L I G H T S   O F   T H E   P R O C E S S

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