Germs, germs everywhere!
This is pretty actual, right? But we're not talking about Corona now, instead, this is Listerine, baby!
(Cause believe us, your mouth has so many germs as outside of it).

Listerine is one of these brands that give its name to its niche: No wonder the brand can ride the wave of leadership.
Thinking about enhancing their brand and creating new ways to convey their message, Taylor Cut Films approached us with magical ideas for this commercial.

Our goal was to show the world as a Planet Germ (as if we were inside our mouths), and then the Blue Wave/Blue Rain of Listerine washes the planet and kills 99,9% of the germs, turning places safe again.

Using VFX, we created this incredible atmosphere.
Check it out!

Our Team

Executive Direction  Stefane Kaller, Igor Martins
Client Relationship  Melina Zanella
Operations  Michelle Kaller
Project Management  Helen Teixeira
Administrative Management  Elzemario Kaller
Visual Effects  Erik Cardoso

Other Works

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