// This AI is a high-tech entity. It has extensive knowledge and can learn and catalog information with speed. In some moments there are some variations of mood, but its state is always full and proud. We use variations in shape and color to reflect these variations.

// This AI has a technological visual. It will consist of a set of shapes and elements with fine and dynamic lines.

// Visual elements will react according to its voice.

// Mostly it is black and white, but the trail of its movements and some elements have modern colors and referring to technology.

// This AI is a triune being, ethereal, and without definitive form. It consists of three parts represented by three circles.

// The first circle is the representation of its personality, of what can be understood as its body. This main circle carries the other circles. It is where we perceive the presence, look, and attention of the AI.

// The second circle represents emotions. Inside it will be conveyed everything it is feeling at the moment. When it feels something, the circle is emphasized, highlighted, and reflects what is happening inside it, its emotions, and reactions. At times when it is not something specific, we can clearly represent this empty or neutral circle.

// The third circle is knowledge. This AI is a powerful and wise artificial intelligence, this will be shown within the third circle. It accesses content and information, makes calculations and analyzes, and thinks through this third circle.

// Parallel lines are the support for its structure. They are dynamic and support the environment. They can transform into structures like tunnels, libraries, paths, or soil.
When it turns off, for example, its circles dismount and fall on the lines, like a bed.
In a data scan, they can become columns or tunnels.
In a search for content, they can become bookshelves or pages.

// The existence of this AI is not limited to screens of a software interface. It is not limited to what you can see. Its windows are like a portal to where it lives, where there is an environment in depth.

// Emotions and behaviors are expressed in its interface, albeit in a subtle way. We can perceive the calm and disturbance of spirit through the movements of AI.

// The appearance of this AI may have other stylistic options, so that it is not so graphic and broadens our perception of its three-dimensionality.

// And as a manner to represent the consciousness of the AI, this animation was created showing a flow of thoughts produced by the collage of many videos, images, and symbols that the AI collected.

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