In November 2016, the two largest Brazilian cities were taken over by 3600 billboards.
All connected with users' phones through an infallible tool called F.O.M.O.

Fear Of Missing Out

More than four hundred copies were written capable of sparking huge curiosity, like nonsense names Internet slangs celebrity gossip and intriguing questions. To find out what the copy was referring to people had to google it. All results highlighted Google surprising new features the concept was so spreadable that people went crazy. 
Influencers an artist joined in and started adapting the searches to their own content, making the results exceed expectation.

With simple copies of that tap into people's fear of missing out, this campaign made everyone in the know through Goggle's search bar.
Client - Google
Agency - AKQA São Paulo
Producer - Felipe Griebel
Motion - Igor Martins and Vinicius Lousa
Music - "Insalata" by Drunken Masters

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