As a studio that is deeply interested on design and aesthetics, we are always creating new visual experiments and it's great to collaborate with other people. We can produce things for and with you!
These visual experiments (or visual poetry) are projects that we produce for a variety of cases and emerging markets, such as short films, music visualization, backgrounds for presentations, VJ sets, art, or for pure experimentation. We are open to whatever new opportunities it might come.

These are the factors that determine the complexity level of a project:

- Total length of the video
- Amount of animated elements
- Amount of unique behaviours of the animated elements
- Amount of time that needs to be spent on the completion of the production
- Level of knowledge and experience needed to perform the involved techniques
- Number of unique visual elements that need to be created to meet the goals of the brief
- Number of different techniques involved on the execution
- Level of sofistication of the design
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