Everyone that have presented a pitch or a case study knows how important it is to get the most impact in the least time and still be comprehensible. With a video you can have control on how short, clear and stunning your message will be. This is the most effective way to get the attention to your message.

Category 1: Low Complexity

Duration - Between 60 and 90 seconds
Price - US$1200 to US$1500

Category 2: Medium Complexity​​​​​​​

Duration - Between 60 and 90 seconds
Price - US$2500 to US$3500

Category 3: High Complexity
This example is not our production

Duration - Between 60 and 90 seconds
Price - US$4500 to US$5500

These are the factors that determine the complexity level of a project:

- Total length of the video
- Amount of animated elements
- Amount of unique behaviours of the animated elements
- Amount of time that needs to be spent on the completion of the production
- Level of knowledge and experience needed to perform the involved techniques
- Number of unique visual elements that need to be created to meet the goals of the brief
- Number of different techniques involved on the execution
- Level of sofistication of the design
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