This intro was created for a series of interviews from the blog Cine Cristão
Cine Cristão is a non-profit ministry and it aims to be a media channel to promote what is best in christian productions.
The only thing I had in the beginning was the logo. So everything else would have to be created from this.
So the first step was to get some concepts and ideas from the logo. After few reflections this came out:

Main concepts:
Cinema , Christianity.

Symbols involved:
Ichthys - The fish symbol of christianity;
Roll of movie film;
Polished surface - Something of value, refined , renowned;
Shadows - Tridimensionality;
Clean typography - Minimalism , clarity , purity.

And after some thought these were the ideas decided for the execution of the project:

Strong colors;
Material similar to Vinyl;
Geometry - Tape with beautiful curves.

Determined concept :
Lines appear in detail , the camera shows them closely, they appear in harmonic and synchronized movements, similar to a song being written in a visual way, it's a metaphor of a story being told. 
When the camera is further away, you can see that the lines are making a roll of a movie film. The film floats in the air with beautiful curves .
The camera reveals the film stretching gradually and forming the logo of Cine Cristão.
Since it was determined in the step before that it would be a 3D film, it would be important to model the logo, it was done in Cinema 4D. It brought the instantaneous impression that it would be difficult to use the exact shape of the logo to show many options of curves.
So the first 3D model for the logo was left aside and another one was created to show many curves. But not before I had researched enough references in Pinterest, which were gathered in this board named "Curves".
The 3D tape with a polished vinyl material (as defined before):
The tape would be revealed by lines that would move together in a harmonic and synchronized way.
These lines were created in After Effects as a black and white animation with some distortion and it would be applied in the Alpha Channel of the material in Cinema 4D as an animated texture.
After having the first 3D model and some first tests of the lines applied in the alpha channel to reveal it, it was time to go further and make some tests to achieve a nice feeling with strong colors.
The colors that were most coherent with the logo and the guidelines in the beginning were picked, and a color palette was created from it.
As the first lines were too ugly, new ones were created.
This time I used C4D because of the control it gives to several cloned objects.
Now, at this stage, some tests were made for the visual composition of each scene.
These were the chosen ones:
And also the movement of the camera was defined.
After defining 3D models, colors, lines for alpha channel, scenes and camera movement, I felt there was something missing that could add "wow effect". And the first "eureka" idea was to add some more lines to it, which wasn't a good idea actually. And it was left aside.
So after having taking out the white lines, I solved the feeling of "wow" that I wanted to add with only changing the colors of the background and the 3D tape in certain scenes.
Some few more tweaks were done and the 13 seconds film was finished.
Watch it again here.
During the process some "Happy Accidents" appeared from unpredictabilities:

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