AR and VR are taking over our world, and the boundaries between physical and digital are starting to blend in very interesting ways.​ Of course it will still take us some time to enter the Matrix, but the technological advances so far are thrilling! IMPORTANT: We develop digital experiences and do not provide the equipments for AR and VR. And for this specific category we would rather discuss about what you are looking for before sending a quote.

Virtual Reality
These examples are not our production​​​​​​​

Augmented Reality
These examples are not our production​​​​​​​

These are the factors that determine the complexity level of a project:

- Total length of the video
- Amount of animated elements
- Amount of unique behaviours of the animated elements
- Amount of time that needs to be spent on the completion of the production
- Level of knowledge and experience needed to perform the involved techniques
- Number of unique visual elements that need to be created to meet the goals of the brief
- Number of different techniques involved on the execution
- Level of sofistication of the design
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