Animated Backgrounds

Background Loops

These videos were created with the purpose of being sold as animated backgrounds on Videohive, and you can find and buy any of these in this collection. They are good to be used as backgrounds for parties, events, church worship, VJ sets and background for lyrics in concerts.

Other Works

Moonwalker - Astronaut
Stereoscopic 3D Video
Floresta Park
Logo Animation for Website
Matgeek goes Healthy
Intro for YouTube Channel
Short Film at Hyper Island
Matgeek goes Austria
Intro for YouTube Channel
Tattoo You
Intro for YouTube Channel
Betsafe - In It to Win It
Visual identity for YouTube channel
Vlog do Diego Stein
Intro for a YouTube Vlog
Fruit Ninja 5 Year Anniversary
Game Trailer
Matgeek goes Monaco
Intro for YouTube Channel
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